The IVCCD Orpheum Theater Center moving forward

The Iowa Valley Community College District administration’s perspective about the Orpheum is far different from some who have given their opinions in other Letters to the Editor. We fully respect everyone’s right to their opinions. However, we disagree with a statement made in the Oct. 3 article entitled “Orpheum Theater looking for operational leader.” The director’s “fiscal leadership” has not been “under scrutiny” by college leaders. The college administration did not single out any particular staff member as implied in the Oct. 3 article. The employees originally hired to manage the Orpheum have been outstanding in their performance. To set the record straight, the overall finances of the Orpheum have undergone a comprehensive analysis no different than any other program offered by the college. The deficit created by opening and operating the Orpheum has resulted in significant expenses and a lack of adequate revenues to offset the expenses, which has led to the need to aggressively intervene and make significant reductions to ensure the Orpheum remains a sustainable asset to the college and community.

We hope community members will continue their support of the Orpheum moving forward. There could not be a better opportunity to rally support in the forthcoming months than attending the Jean Seberg International Film Festival Nov. 15-17. Marshalltown has a rare opportunity to host and celebrate the premier showing of a documentary film of Jean Seberg’s life and career. Several dedicated people are working diligently to make this weekend a first class event and celebration of the life of one of Marshalltown’s internationally recognized icons.

The need to address multiple issues associated with the Orpheum has not been easy for anyone. The passion and commitment that people have shown for the Orpheum is commendable. Regardless of what has already been written, we are trying to get through all of this with as much consideration of the input provided by the community as possible. The administration and board have had to make difficult decisions and will need to continue making decisions with which not everyone will agree. Nevertheless, this has been a financial issue that had to be addressed efficiently and responsibly with the consideration of possible impact on other areas of our college district if we did not. We appreciate the support the community has shown in the past, and we look forward to a highly successful, sustainable Orpheum Theater Center into the future.