City gears up for winter weather

The city gears up for the winter season by reminding residents of street plowing and snow ordinances.

“People need to be aware when our plows are out,” Jeff Roads, street superintendent said. “Give them the room that they need. We are out there to do a service for the community and have patience with us if you’re going down the street.”

Roads said it’s up to everyone to know if they live on a street that is on a snow route.

“All snow routes are marked with the signs and will actually say ‘snow route’ on them,” Roads said.

According to a press release from the Marshalltown Police Department, the snow ordinance will go into effect once there is 2 inches of accumulated snow on the ground.

“It’s important for everybody to find that one source where they can know when the snow ordinance is on,” Roads said.

Once the snow ordinance is in effect, residents who live on a designated snow route need to move their vehicle from the street.

If the vehicle is not removed during the snow ordinance the city will tow it at the owner’s expense and issue a parking citation.

Roads also reminds people not to shovel snow onto the streets.

“That’s one of things we have problems with every year, it’s usually with the early snows,” Roads said. “People forget there is an ordinance for people taking their snow out of their driveway and onto the street.”

Roads said he spent Tuesday getting the equipment ready.

“We put on the equipment, the plows, the sanders and that stuff on the trucks to make sure they work and make sure we have no problems with them,” Roads said. “If we do have problems, we have time to fix them.”