Thiessen wants to redefine Marshalltown

Christopher Thiessen said it’s time for him to get involved in city government.

The at-large council candidate said he wants to offer his viewpoints by serving on the city council.

“I’ve been here awhile and I like this place,” Thiessen said. “I’d like to offer what I can and my hardly unique viewpoints and my perspectives on the long-term vision of the city.”

Thiessen said cities are always in the process of defining or redefining themselves.

“Getting involved in that intrigues me,” Thiessen said. “So I thought that might be a fun thing to do or an insane thing to do depending on where you are.”

Thiessen said he is new, but is aware of local issues. Many of those issues, such as a possible new police and fire station, are topics he’s interested in learning more about.

Thiessen said he will listen and learn.

“Listen and learn I think are the two most important things that I can start out with,” Thiessen said. “There may be additional projects that come up and that’ll be great, I’ll learn more stuff.”

Thiessen said he has lived in Marshalltown since June of 2005. He is married and has two daughters, both living in Marshalltown.

Thiessen works as a technical writer at Emerson.

“I was lucky enough to get a job at Emerson and it worked out,” Thiessen said. “I create manuals for hardware and software that go to customers.”

Thiessen has been a technical writer at various companies for about 30 years.

Thiessen said he’s looking forward to serving, should he be elected.