Waldron wants part in positive change

Paul Waldron says if you want to change something you have to get involved.

The candidate seeking an at-large seat on city council said he sometimes gets frustrated with different things that go on.

“If you want to change something you have to be involved,” Waldron said. “If I can get involved, anybody can get involved.”

Waldron said 10 years from now Marshalltown will a vastly different place if more people don’t step up to the plate.

“There’s a lot of the people that sit on the sideline and wait and don’t do anything,” Waldron said. “I feel it’s only right for me to get involved.”

Waldron said economic development is critical.

“The biggest thing I think is the economic development,” Waldron said. “It is one of the biggest things to help Marshalltown be successful. I want to try to help the city I live in.”

He said Marshalltown’s education system is also a top priority.

“Education is a big thing,” Waldron said. “I follow my daughter, she plays soccer. I go to Valley and Ankeny and Southeast Polk and all these towns and you see a lot of things I think Marshalltown wants for us but I think everybody’s going to have to come together and I think it’s going to take a while.”

Waldron said the city has taken positive steps forward with recent street repairs and other projects.

“I think they did a good job on 13th Street,” Waldron said. “They’ve done a lot of good stuff downtown.”

Waldron moved to Marshalltown 20 years ago. He is married and has five children.

Waldron has been a supervisor at Lennox for 16 years. Before that he worked at JBS.

“It’ll all be new to me and I’m thinking that’s what the city needs – new eyes, new vision, new thinking and stuff,” Waldron said. “I know I have quite a few people behind me so we will see.”