Schubert committed to serving Marshalltown

After 24 years on the Marshalltown City Council, Bob Schubert isn’t about to walk away from serving the community. Schubert is running unopposed for his 1st Ward council seat this fall.

“I enjoy working with and for people,” Schubert said. “I don’t care if they’re business people or a janitor, I can help them and talk to them.”

Schubert said he is interested in serving on the city council as they explore the possibility of a new police and fire station.

“The police department has never had their own building and they need to have their own building,” Schubert said. “The fire department building is 40 some years old, it’s starting to fall apart and they need a new building. At the same time, we need to have the citizens involved with this.”

Throughout town are Schubert’s campaign signs with his name Bob ‘Pappy’ Schubert. His nickname is Grumpy Pappy.

“It started when I was in the National Guard and I joined in ’76,” Schubert said. “I was 35 and I got on training and some of the members of the unit said ‘hey old man’ and somebody that knew me said ‘that’s not old man that’s pappy’ and that’s how it started.”

He said the grumpy part started when he was on council.

“When I got on the council there was a lot of things that were going on that I didn’t agree with and I voted no a lot,” Schubert said. “Somebody thought I was grumpy. It’s nothing negative about the word.”

Schubert has been married for 56 years and the couple raised four children together. He’s lived in Marshalltown since 1955.

In 1950 Schubert started working at the Dunham-Bush factory in Marshalltown where he remained until it shut down in 2001.

“I know what it feels like when people lose their jobs with plants closing,” Schubert said.

Most of all, Schubert enjoys visiting with and serving the people of Marshalltown.

“It usually starts with a phone call,” Schubert said. “They call me or I call them back, but I like to go sit down with them and sometimes I can help and sometimes it takes more than a couple council people. I enjoy people.”