Hoop has plans for Marshalltown

Al Hoop said he believes in Marshalltown and its future.

The mayoral candidate has been a 4th Ward council member for six years and said he wants to do something that will take more time.

“I was re-elected two years ago for a second term and I was going to say that was going to be my last term,” Hoop said. “With the situation where we are at mayor wise, I’d like to take a chance with it.”

Hoop said he already has plans in mind.

“I’d like to see the current projects we have going and future projects would be the police and fire stations, the power plant and I’m not ready to give up on street improvements yet,” Hoop said.

Hoop said two or three years ago he pushed hard for street improvements.

“The streets are a lot better in most places but there are still some places that need to be fixed,” Hoop said.

Hoop also wants weekly council meetings.

“I would like to see the council return to meeting every week instead of every other week,” Hoop said. “I believe if you are meeting every week you have more contact with the public and get more communication between the public and the city government.”

Hoop also wants to find a way to work with JBS to continue efforts to eliminate odor from the plant.

“They’re a great company and a large employer,” Hoop said. “It would just be nice to somehow eliminate the odor that comes from that. That really disturbs some citizens.”

Hoop has always lived in Marshalltown. He worked at Fisher Controls for 37 years and is a retired master sergeant from the Army.

Hoop said he was also a football, baseball and basketball coach at Marshalltown High School.

Hoop has three sons. Two of them work at Fisher Controls and another lives in North Carolina and is a baseball coach. His wife passed away in January.

Hoop said now that he has more time, he wants to do something that will take more time.

“I do care and I’m willing to put in the time,” Hoop said.