Sky-high proposal

A former Marshalltown man gave his girlfriend the surprise of her life on an airplane Saturday when she looked out the window to see “Marry Me?” in a field below.

Tyler Lang Mauseth, 29, of Columbus, Ohio, had told his girlfriend, Danielle Nauman, 26, he wanted to visit his hometown, family and friends for his birthday weekend.

While true, the weekend also involved him planning a surprise marriage proposal involving both of their families and friends.

“I’m incredibly happy,” Danielle said. “He could not have done it any better, I had no idea. It all came as a surprise.”

Tyler began the day by telling Danielle a friend from high school was taking lessons to be a pilot and had invited them on the plane.

While they were flying above Marshalltown, Tyler presented her with a book he created for the special proposal.

The book had photos of everyone important to Danielle holding signs about reasons why she should marry him.

“Some of them are funny, some of them are heartfelt, all reasons as to why she should marry me,” Tyler said.

Danielle said she was shocked.

“I was incredibly happy,” Danielle said. “About halfway through the book I started crying when I realized what was happening because I was so happy.”

On the last page of the book Tyler was pictured holding a sign that said, “My reason is too big to fit on paper, look out the window.”

“I looked out the window and it didn’t really register to me what it said until I looked down and saw him down on one knee with a ring out,” Danielle said. “Then he asked me and he pointed out the window.”

A “Marry me” sign was placed in MACS field, and alongside it was the couple’s families forming a heart and question mark.

Once they got off the plane, their families and friends cheered for them.

Tyler said it was perfect.

“I don’t know what better suits the metaphor of two people joining in a proposal than having these families work together for that collective effort,” Tyler said. “To have them join together and have them making the effort was really special.”

He was also grateful Danielle’s family came to Marshalltown from Wisconsin.

“Having them here, bringing them to Marshalltown, having them see where I came from and having them seeing my grandmother and the home in which I grew up in and all those things was something I thought made it all better,” Tyler said.

He said he wouldn’t have wanted his proposal to be anywhere else.

“I have the most bizarre affection for my hometown. I love Marshalltown,” Tyler said. ” I think this is a beautiful place and this is a beautiful moment. That was the most important thing for me, coming back to a place where I grew up and having a great moment.”

Tyler and Danielle started dating 3.5 years ago. Danielle said they hope to get married next year.