Amendment to city ordinance proposed

An amendment to a city ordinance that would help lower costs for homeowners doing concrete repair work was proposed Monday night at the city council meeting.

The current ordinance (26.25) states that anyone wanting to do repair work on their sidewalk or driveway must get a bond for $1,000 approved by the city council and must also use licensed contractors.

“Apparently that has become an expensive item for small projects,” Curt Ward, Marshalltown city attorney said. “So what we are trying to do is save the homeowner, if he’s going to do it himself, save him from having a bond requirement.”

Brad Bateman, of the city engineering department, said the amended ordinance would apply for concrete work under $10,000.

“They will be required to file state specifications when it comes to installing sidewalk and driveway in the right of way,” Bateman said. “They will also need to file a permit to work in the right of way as well and with that requires a grade inspection before any concrete is poured.”

Bateman said the permit would cost $5 and would allow the homeowner to do the repair work themselves instead of the licensed contractors.

The council made no decision on Monday night.