Daily Record, Oct. 30, 2013

Woman assaults bicyclist, grabs bite to eat

A local woman who allegedly assaulted a woman on bicycle was arrested Sunday.

Adrienne Enriquez, 38, was arrested at about 7:05 p.m. at Ocean City Chinese Restaurant, 5 W. Main St., for allegedly pushing the victim off a bicycle and hitting her.

According to police, Enriquez was walking with a male companion on Main Street when the victim rode past on a bike and said “hi” to her male friend.

Enriquez was allegedly upset with the woman saying “hi” to him and pushed her off of the bike then hit her.

Enriquez was arrested at the restaurant, where she had gone to eat.

She is charged with simple assault. The victim said she was uninjured.

Marshall County Courthouse

Property Transfers

Oct. 18

Jeremy & Kyla Miller and Amber Weatherly NKA Amber Capalla & Josh Capalla to James and Patricia Robertson, 1714 W. Lincoln Way

Gary and Pamela Kutzner to Gary Kutzner, 1009 S. Ninth Ave.

Gary and Pamela Kutzner to Kimberly Huseboe, 514 E. Olive St. #201

Farmers Savings Bank to Catherine Gooding, 406 N. Center St.

Oct. 21

DuWayne and Trudy Sharp on contract to Thomas Harris, 215 & 301 N. Second Ave.

Adrienne MacMillan NKA Adrienne Moffet Dipaolo and Anthony Dipaolo to Dwight Lawson, 604 Walters Circle

Phyllis Simpson, Jody Simpson Gasca and Luis Gasca to Macario Ramirez, 107 W. Madison St.

Bluffwood Partners LLC to Luke Fogle, 6 N. 11th Ave.

Helen Lapour to Jennifer Smith, 704 Ratcliffe Drive

Timothy and Sara Nichols to John Danielson, 506 N. 16th St.

The Sheriff of Marshall County to Bank of America, 511 N. 12th Ave.

Mac Thornes to Central Millwright Service LLC, 301 W. Main St., State Center

Chad and Carmen Wilson to Tyler and Abby Wilhelm, 114 Holden Ave., Rhodes

Iowa River FS Inc. and New Century FS Inc. to Growmark Inc., 401 Railroad St., Melbourne

Marshall Farm Service Company, Iowa River FS Inc. and New Century FS Inc. to Growmark Inc., 1605 Meyer Ave., Albion; 103 Third Ave. NE, State Center, and 402 Railroad St., Melbourne

Oct. 22

Bank of America to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, 1 Columbus Drive

Eleanor Ochylski Revocable Trust, Edward Ochylski and Kathy Hovey, Trustees to Marital GST Non Exempt Trust created by Eleanor Ochylski Revocable Trust, 1349 115th St., and 1155 Durham Ave., Clemons

Rachel Jackson NKA Rachel Garr and Walter Garr to Rachel and Walter Garr, 1275 330th St., and 3301 Davidson Ave., Rhodes

Jay Hansen and Jamie Bland to Melissa Hernandez, 510 E. Linn St.

Oct. 23

Scott Roth Leff, 401K Trust to Donn Gould, 102 S. High St., Gilman

Billy Scott to Stacy Oltrogge FKA Stacy Scott, 301 S. Fourth St.

Rosendo Mendoza Medrano, Margarita Mendoza Calderon and Jose Martinez Alvarez to Rosendo Mendoza Medrano and Margarita Mendoza Calderon, 409 & 411 S. First St.

Richard Brewer to Chelsea Vanderah and Austin Nichols, 311 Third St. SW, State Center

Gary and Marjorie Knox to Dwight and Kristine Blomgren, 2148 Marsh Ave.

Glen Ferneau, Dian Ferneau, Bret Ferneau and Drew Ferneau to Glen and Dian Ferneau, 2449B Reed Ave.

Michael Tingley to Gregory and Cheryl Tingley, 1208 S. Second Ave.

The Estate of Shirley Ruopp to James Ruopp (Life-Estate), Mark Ruopp, John Ruopp, Dave Ruopp and Wade Ruopp, 1575B Wallace Ave.

Trademark Properties LLC to Francisco Contreras, 10 N. Fourth St.

Bank of America to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 1114 W. Nevada St.


Earl and Paula Purvis to Earl and Paula Purvis, 1102 E. Olive St.

Chelsea Holcomb to Jerry Holcomb Jr., 308 N. Main St., Gilman



Edward Stokes Jr., address unknown, made an initial appearance on a warrant charging him with violation of a deferred judgment probation. The public defender’s office was appointed as counsel. The probation revocation hearing is set for 11:15 a.m. on Nov. 15. Bond is set at $2,000 cash only.

Chad Hatch, 511 W. State St., made an initial appearance on a burglary-third degree charge. The public defender’s office was appointed to handle his case. The preliminary hearing is set for 1 p.m. on Nov. 8. Bond is set at $5,000 cash only. A no-contact order was issued for the protected party.

April Sue Stanley, address unknown, made an initial appearance on a driving under suspension charge, a theft-fifth degree charge and a no insurance charge. On the theft-fifth degree charge the court appointed Laura Eilers as counsel. All charges will be heard at a pre-trial conference at 9 a.m. on Nov. 26 in Magistrate Court. Bond will continue as posted.


Karen Morris to Gary Gruver

Scott Seidenkranz to Lacey Hauser

Carolina Silva to Ricardo Cervantes Angel

Kurt Morey to Hayley Robinson

Ryan Defrance Gustin to Kendra Coon

Brandon Wolken to Laura Sinclair


Carol Geil vs. Todd Geil