Shouldn’t helping people come first?

First I will tell you, I am aware that we can’t take money from one fund in government and apply it to another fund. I wonder why we can’t change that eventually.

We had a billboard on Highway 30 saying we have fellow citizens including children going to bed hungry. Teachers, we are told, have to spend their own money in order to supply students with basic equipment for classroom. We lost our safe house for battered women when that service went to regional instead of local service. In the Oct. 23 edition of the T-R it was reported we have 637 special education students, and the Marshalltown fund ran a deficit of $882,056 this past year. We are spending $770,000 on bike trail, $7.92 million on Roundhouse renovations and $2.8 million for school administration offices. These are desirable projects but not life and death. Shouldn’t hunger, safety and education come first? We need people to help people, not new buildings. I don’t know how we as a society can make it happen, but I know it should happen.