15 Minutes


Resides: Marshalltown

Hometown: Ruthven


Family: I have one brother residing in Grinnell, another brother in Kansas City and one sister in Spencer. My father and stepmother live in Boone.

Pets: I have two dogs and one cat, and I am currently taking care of someone’s pet mouse!

Hobbies and interests: I enjoy reading, writing, riding my bicycle and playing with my pets.


Occupation: English teacher and debate coach at Marshalltown High School.

What that means: I teach literature and writing to students, and I help students on the debate team learn how to structure arguments.

Tenure: This is my 16th year at Marshalltown and my 24th year as an educator.

Best part of the job: The best part of teaching is interacting with students in a way that we learn from each other. I get to see how great some of our young people really are.

If I could change jobs: I would love to open a pet supply store.


Book: “Wuthering Heights,” by Emily Bronte.

Movie: “Gone with the Wind,” directed by Victor Fleming.

Foods: Mexican.


Best part of living here: I love the smaller community atmosphere with a diverse culture.

Most influential people: My mom. She was my hero.

Local involvement: I am a member of the Marshalltown Evening Lions and help with community events when I can.

Advice on life: Get involved in your community.