Lowrance elected Marshalltown mayor

Jim Lowrance took 65 percent of the votes and was elected the next Marshalltown mayor Tuesday.

Lowrance said he served on city council 20 years ago, but since then he has been involved in several community organizations which he said he believed was part of the key to his success.

“I think a lot of people know me and are comfortable with me and know how I think and know what my values and beliefs are,” Lowrance said. “I think having a business background was something that was important to people. The city has some challenges and I think the business background will come in handy.”

Lowrance, who received 1,376 votes, said his first order of business as mayor will be getting better acquainted with all of the council members to see what their goals for the city are.

“I would like to see what projects they would like to see move forward,” Lowrance said.

Al Hoop, 4th Ward council member, took 30 percent of votes (640 votes) for mayor and Phillip Gavagan took five percent of the votes (105 votes).

Lowrance said one of the difficult parts of being mayor will be following in the steps of the last three mayors, Tommy Thompson, Gene Beach and Floyd Harthun.

“They were three very excellent people who were terrific mayors for the community,” Lowrance said.

Lowrance said he will keep in touch with Mayor Thompson.

“Tommy happens to live next door to me and I expect I will be knocking on his door pretty regularly for advice on how to handle things,” Lowrance said. “I think he will be a valuable resource for me.”

Thompson, who did not seek re-election, served in the mayor’s seat since September 2012 after the death of Mayor Beach. Thompson was one of four candidates running for mayor last fall and won more than 60 percent of the votes. Thompson previously served as mayor from 1992-1997.

Lowrance is the president of Great Western Bank. He said before he filed for mayor he talked to the people within the company to make sure it wasn’t going to be a problem.

“I work with a terrific bunch of people that I think are well prepared, if I’m out of the office, to keep things going very smoothly,” Lowrance said.

Lowrance will be sworn in at the end of the year and begin serving as mayor at the beginning of next year.