2 incumbents, 2 new members elected to council

Two incumbents and two new members were elected to the Marshalltown City Council as a result of Tuesday’s vote.

Bethany Wirin and Bob Schubert will return to the council and Mike Gowdy and Bill Martin will be newcomers to the group. All were elected for four-year terms.

Wirin (1,318 votes) and Martin (1,096 votes) were elected as at-large candidates by a substantial margin among a pool of six candidates seeking the two seats.

Other at-large candidates that fell short on votes were Tom Poole (377 votes), Tim Bradbury (353 votes), Paul Waldron (347 votes) and Christopher Thiessen (319 votes).

Wirin, who has served for two terms, said she was surprised at the margin of victory because the other candidates ran strong races.

“I’m very honored that the people of Marshalltown want me to continue serving and I’m happy to continue serving,” Wirin said.

Wirin said she hopes the candidates who didn’t win will consider taking on a committee appointment or find other ways to get involved with the city in the future.

Martin, a retired school counselor and Iowa Valley Continuing Education worker, said he hopes to offer a fresh perspective to the council.

“I thank the voters of Marshalltown for their support,” Martin said. “I look forward to serving the citizens of Marshalltown. I also offer my congratulations to all of my fellow candidates who stepped forward.”

Gowdy won in the Third Ward, topping Merrill Price by 372 to 309 votes.

“I’m glad that I’ve got a chance to serve Marshalltown,” Gowdy said. “I had a strong feeling it was going to be close. I’m happy.”

Gowdy said he plans to attend a new council member orientation in Ankeny to help ease his transition onto the council and will lean on past and current members for help as well.

Schubert ran unopposed and retains his seat on the 1st Ward by garnering 134 votes.