Mechdyne employees visit IVH for fun, fellowship

Mechdyne employees Matt McKraig and Ryan Torrey found themselves in a tough spot at the Iowa Veterans Home Tuesday afternoon.

The men were facing two IVH residents in a game of ‘Upwards” – a popular table game which uses letters of the alphabet to form words- and their opponents were fired up and ready to go.

It was word against word among the foursome, as they busily tallied up points.

And fellow employee Annabel Nemmers found herself pitted against a large number of residents who were skilled bingo players.

“Bingo,” said one resident excitedly just seconds after IVH employee Annie Husak called out the card number.

McKraig, Nemmers and Torrey were just a small part of a group of Mechdyne employees, a virtual reality firm headquartered in Marshalltown, who were visiting IVH as part of the company’s community contribution program.

While McKraig, Nemmers and Torrey played games, other employees socialized or ate ice cream with residents.

A large number of company sales representatives from around the world are in Marshalltown this week and officials selected IVH as a site to visit and share.

For years it has been a company tradition for employees to give back to the Marshalltown area on a monthly basis.

“We will definitely be back to the IVH, and I expect the committee will recommend regular visits,” said Jim Gruening, senior vice president. “The men and women who reside at IVH sacrificed much for the freedom we enjoy. “Personally, I enjoyed visiting with a number of residents at the Fox building and plan to bring my kids next time”

“We are so pleased that Mechdyne group chose IVH for their volunteer time this afternoon,” said Aimee Deimerly-Snyder, volunteer coordinator. “The residents had a great time with this group playing bingo, having ice cream, playing board games, and sharing their experiences and stories of being in the service. It was fun for the residents and touching for the group, especially with Veterans Day around the corner.”