4 businesses sell to minors in alcohol compliance check

Employees at Abarrotes La Salad, Hy-Vee Wine and Spirits, Corner Tap Bar and Rusty Nail Bar received a $735 fine after they sold alcohol to a minor during the Marshalltown Police Department’s alcohol compliance check Friday.

Twenty-one other local businesses were also checked.

“Our whole goal here is not to cite,” said Sgt. Rick Bellile of the Marshalltown Police Department. “We would like everybody to be compliant and ID the person and that’s our whole goal for the police department and the community so people don’t sell to underage people.”

Bellile said the department will check more businesses, and then do another check in the spring.

The last check was in May and two out of 35 places sold alcohol to minors.

“It kind of goes up and down,” Bellile said. “Last year about this time in August and September we hit about every place we could in town and we had 10 places that sold, so that wasn’t very good.”

The department conducts alcohol compliance checks twice a year.

“We’re hoping these checks can help reduce underage selling and underage drinking,” Bellile said.

The Marshalltown Police Department receives grant funding from Substance Abuse Treatment Unit of Iowa (SATUCI) to conduct these checks.