Impeach Obama now

We in the LaRouche movement have been wrongly accused of putting a mustache on Obama when in fact his health plan is a carbon copy of Tony Blair’s British T4 Health Care from the years of 1997-2007. A health and clinical excellence was formed in the National Health Service of Britain which had served the nation until 1940s through the private insurer United Health Group. The U.K. death rate was much higher in Britain than in other countries. This was the exact plan of Hitler’s T4. We in this country have been blessed with Pennsylvania doctors when they released a statement against “Murderous Obamacare.” This statement released by Mark Shelley M.D. and Dr. Leo Alexander, the chief consultant to the U.S. prosecutors at the Nuremberg War crimes tribunal after World War II. In his famous article entitled, “Medical Science under Dictatorship” was published in the New England Journal of Medicine on July 14, 1949. This lays it out that elderly and the poor will have a hard time surviving. Is that what this country is about?

Impeach Obama now! Multiple legal authorities have already assembled articles for impeachment. Do this now so that the Glass-Steagall can be implemented. This will remove all of this toxic bank debt. Early in the summer, I placed the Cyprus Template: “Your money and Your Life” in most of the banks in Marshalltown and some churches. View this video, It explains what you can expect if we do not pass Glass-Steagall now. I don’t want to live without the passage of Glass-Steagall, life would be unbearable. I’m 83 but rather healthy. This whole thing can be prevented. We are not against our local banks unless they deal in derivatives. Call your Congressman now!