US needs problem solving leadership for 2016

Once upon a time, conservative Democrats (Blue Dogs) and moderate Republicans ruled the House and Senate, espousing fiscal conservative values. The hard left coastal Democrats and the hard right Republicans all ranted social agendas as opposite as communism and fascism. The compromise abilities of the fiscal conservatives became the pariahs of their radical elements, be they Democrats or Republicans.

With the rise of the communication age, leadership qualities became indistinguishable from show business talent. Social liberal and social conservative issues tend to be more expressive by the new age politicians that arouse voter emotions rather than illustrate their problem solving abilities. A political lie became newly defined as a statement made by a politician to voters that are so ill informed that the political lie becomes part of our language. The term is defined as the truth of the moment; spin to be adjusted later to fit the circumstance.

A Nixon Republican is just as reprehensible as an Obama Democrat. Both were and are masters of the political lie. Reagan never heard of Iran Contra and Obama never admits that Benghazi was anything but a local protest.

Reagan ran as both a fiscal and social conservative candidate successfully because of his talent in communication; he governed as a moderate. BH Obama ran as a moderate and governs as a socialist.

The Democratic Party successfully killed off their conservatives as the Republicans dissed their moderates. What is left are the ideologues of both parties who cannot agree on anything for fear of displeasing their core constituency.

SURPRISE! The core constituency is attune to unrealistic objectives because the politicians only discuss perceived issues that can reelect them; not solve national problems.

Ever see a dog chase his tail because it’s there..

I don’t believe Ted Cruz or Hilary Clinton are the answer. The U.S. needs problem solving leadership for 2016.