Luck of the draw for Rhodes council spot

When Steven Aikin and Stephen Clement were tied at 22 votes following the Nov. 5 election, they would have to wait one week to see who would be the second member elected to the Rhodes City Council.

As a result of a draw, Aikin’s name was selected from an antique ballot drum by Marshall County Supervisor Denny Grabenbauer Tuesday during a canvass of the election.

Marshall County Auditor Dawn Williams put the names of Aikin and Clement on small pieces of paper and put them into the drum.

She said this type of name drawing adheres to the Iowa Code when a tie like this occurs

“In city elections the code provides for ties to be determined by draw,” Williams said. “It saves special elections costs for cities that don’t have a run-off election.”

She said drawings like this typically happen once every few years.

Jerry Klosterman received 23 votes to get the other council spot open in the election.

Aikin did not return a call for comment before presstime.