7 businesses sell to minors during tobacco compliance check

Following two years of 100 percent compliance on tobacco checks, Marshalltown saw a spike in businesses selling to minors.

Out of 31 businesses, seven sold to minors during a recent compliance check by the Marshalltown Police Department.

From Oct. 25 to Nov. 9 clerks at the following businesses sold to minors: El Aquaje Liquor Store, The Spot, TP Plaza, Adult Odyssey, Kwik Star, 814 S. Sixth St. and Casey’s, 111 N. Third Ave. and 1402 S. 12th Ave.

“It’s disappointing,” said Sgt. Tom Watson, of the Marshalltown Police Department.

The police department does one tobacco compliance check a year in partnership with the Iowa Alcohol and Beverage Division.

“If somebody is noncompliant we do a follow up check later,” Watson said.

The clerks who sold the tobacco to minors received a $100 fine and were charged with providing tobacco to a minor, a simple misdemeanor.