Art will be donated to 13th Street

The city council will likely take ownership of a piece of art that will be on display at the green space on 13th Street.

“We’re not being asked to become art critics,” Curt Ward, Marshalltown city attorney said at the city council meeting Monday. “We’re being asked to accommodate the people in the community who are art critics so that they can acquire this art and put it in a useful and public place for the enjoyment of the public.”

Ward said the location for the art is fitting.

“We have identified a public location that appears to fit in very nicely with the 13th Street improvements and is large enough to accommodate an interesting piece of art,” Ward said. “We don’t know anything about what it might look like.”

The art, which will be selected after all agreements are in place, will be donated to the city from the Marshall County Arts and Cultural Alliance.

“It’s something the members of the (Marshalltown) Public Art Committee and the Alliance feel is a vital asset to our community, public image and overall well being of the city,” said Chad Weir, Marshall County Arts and Cultural Alliance board member.

Ward said the Marshall County Arts and Cultural Alliance will lease the space from the city.

“The lease is pretty much a sweetheart lease,” Ward said. “It’s a dollar a year, so long as they have artwork displayed there and it’s maintained in the green space.”

The lease would be long-term and the art might be displayed for a significant length of time, Ward said.

As part of the agreement, the Salvation Army, which owns part of the green space area, will need to sign off on the deal.

“We are in the process of obtaining that now,” Ward said. “We’re hoping in a couple of weeks they have consented to this.”

After the Salvation Army approves, and the city votes, the selection of art will be chosen.

Heidi Pierson, M-PAC chair said there is a committee that will review submissions that came in for the project and the board has narrowed it down to three artists.

“After the 25th the committee is hoping to provide opportunities for the public to give input on the three finalists,” Pierson said. “Then the selection committee can make their final decision in moving that project forward.”