Braley: Obamacare needs better access

U.S Rep. Bruce Braley, D-Iowa, said Obamacare access needs to be improved, but the healthcare program should not be scrapped altogether amid the ongoing concerns of sign up problems.

“We can’t go back to what we had before, which left too many people behind and was too expensive,” Braley said Wednesday during his weekly conference call with Iowa reporters.

Braley said he is in favor of doing whatever steps are necessary to improve access for the new healthcare program.

“The important thing is to solve the problem,” he said.

Braley also mentioned the recent Associated Press article dealing with the concerns over ethanol and what it has done to land conservation practices.

Braley said he will continue to support renewable fuels because they have provided economic growth in the Midwest and have reduced reliance on foreign oil.

“Renewable fuels are a win-win,” he said.

Braley answered a question about Gov. Terry Branstad’s plan to try to get jobs for more veterans in the state. Braley said we all should be focused on the problem of veterans who serve their country and come back and are unemployed.

“The best way to thank an unemployed veteran is to find them a job,” Braley said.