Traveling trophies

As the Marshalltown High School Roundhouse gets updated, some of its treasures have found temporary homes until the renovation work is complete.

Dozens of trophies garnered from the storied history of Bobcat athletics have been placed in area businesses as the remodeling work goes on. Craig Huegel, athletics director at MHS, said it was important these treasures weren’t stuffed away in boxes during the renovation work.

“We knew that it was important that the community’s history be visible,” Huegel said.

Huegel went through the Marshalltown Area Chamber of Commerce, which sent out emails to members to see if they wanted to be a temporary home for a trophy.

“It was an amazing response,” Huegel said. “I would really like to thank the community members. They’ve been great.”

Farmers Savings Bank on Main Street has five trophies on display, including the 1956 boys state basketball champion and the 1994 volleyball champions.

“It’s part of Marshalltown history,” said Norm Bach, vice president at Farmers Savings Bank.

Bach said the trophies have received plenty of attention.

“Everybody stops and stares and takes a peek,” Bach said. “Many know people who were on those teams.”

One of the trophies now on display at Marshall Town Center dates back to the 1926 wrestling state champions.

“That’s before the stock market crash of 1929,” Huegel said. “That’s unbelievable and the trophy is still in pretty good shape.”

The renovation work on the Roundhouse is set to begin later this month. The next step will be the demolition of the standalone weight room, which is expected next week. Huegel said after that demolition is complete work will begin on the exterior wing addition of the Roundhouse.

He said he can sense the anticipation for the project.

“You kind of get that feeling that it’s really real,” Huegel said.