The mysteries of Marshalltown

I’ve lived in Marshalltown more than six years now and I’m still trying to figure out a few things. Living in a place for awhile you tend to notice some oddities that can be real head-scratchers. Maybe if I print these concerns I can get some feedback from those “in the know” in town.

One of the biggest mysteries to me is why Sixth Street turns into Third Street just as it crosses Linn Creek.

When I was new in town this caught me off guard, especially when looking up an address on the road.

Just a few weeks ago people in a car stopped me outside the Times-Republican office and said they were looking for the bowling alley on Sixth Street. You can see how this road magically changing its name can get many people confused – especially out-of-towners.

Speaking of roads, we all know there is Merle Hibbs Road and just to the north of that running parallel is Southridge Road. What baffles me is that Southridge Nursing Home is on Merle Hibbs Road. I bet that can be mighty confusing to people from out of town as well, especially when they see Southridge Road.

And here’s another question – whatever happened to that bowling pin on Lincoln Way? Last I heard they were trying to sell it off to raise money for the fireworks fund. Then it vanished.

Speaking of landmarks – how did that chicken get on top of Cecil’s Cafe and what is it made out of?

Speaking of things up in the air, I’ve been wondering how Santa’s sleigh and the reindeer get on top of the Marshalltown High School Roundhouse each holiday season.

This one I have done some follow up work on but school buildings personnel didn’t seem too keen on me wanting to be on top of the Roundhouse when they put it up. It might make for some great pictures, but they are not sure it’s worth the risk.

So, those are just a few mysteries in Marshalltown that have stumped me a little.

I’m sure local experts will get back in touch with me and I’ll pass their findings along in a future column.

That would maybe put all of us at ease as we attempt to solve these stumpers.