Bill Graham made lasting impact

This week as the nation is celebrating the 95th birthday of Billy Graham, I am reminded of a time in 1948 when as a 14-year-old girl my pastor and his wife from the Carlton Brethren Church took me and other teens to Des Moines to see and hear this new and exciting evangelist that was gaining so much popularity.

We went to the Drake field house where he was appearing, but it was full and we were taken to a large church in Des Moines. John R. Rice, a very powerful preacher was traveling with Billy and he spoke to us.

Billy did come to the church where we were for a brief appearance. I have since seen and heard Billy in a Minneapolis Campaign and Dr. Rice has preached in my church. But the memory of seeing and hearing them both on the same night is much more vivid.

I believe it was one of Billy’s first campaigns or at least the first through the midwest. Even though it was 65 years ago it made a lasting impact on my young Christian life.