Community Greetings rep anxious to pound the pavement

Vonna Hayes of Marshalltown can’t wait to get out and personally greet the town’s new residents.

She will be armed with a welcome letter from Mayor Tommy Thompson, maps, information about Marshalltown businesses, coupons and other resources newcomers will find valuable.

Calling on those new to town, a family with a new baby or one that has moved to a larger, or smaller home can expect to see Hayes sometime in December.

It will be part of her job as a Community Greetings representative, a Welcome Wagon-type business.

Welcome Wagon has not been active in the Marshalltown area for nearly 15 years, said Hayes, so the town was ripe for Community Greetings to seize the opportunity – and Hayes sees much opportunity locally.

One asset is Hayes herself – she’s lived in town nearly 40 years and understands the needs of a newcomer well.

She once worked as a Emerson Process Management/Fisher Control Human Resources department team member who helped the company’s new employees to Marshalltown get acquainted.

Additionally, with Community Greetings she has teamed up with community heavyweights such as the city of Marshalltown, Emerson/Fisher, the Marshalltown Area Chamber of Commerce, JBS and others.

She’s spoken to a Chamber committee about the company’s mission and has been laying the foundation talking to other area businesses so she can hit the ground running.

The company understands Marshalltown’s diversity, so Hayes will be accompanied by a Spanish speaking associate when calling on a Hispanic household.

Although not a native, Hayes is in love with her adopted community and wants to see the town grow and prosper.

“I believe in Marshalltown and I’m looking forward to meeting the many newcomers,” Hayes said.

Community Greetings has offices throughout Iowa and is headquartered in Grimes.

For more information, contact Hayes at 641-751-5163 or