City leaders talk future goals in goal setting meeting

Four broad goals were established at the city of Marshalltown’s annual goal setting meeting Monday in the council chambers.

The goals established by city council and other city leaders are to enhance Marshalltown’s public image, strive to provide quality city services, improve city-owned property and partner with citizens, the business community, the county, nonprofits, the community college and others to improve quality of life.

“Today I thought they were successful in helping us focus on where the city organization needs to be going,” said Randy Wetmore, city administrator.

Wetmore said his staff will then develop a work plan to present to council.

“Hopefully at the first meeting in January, staff will have prepared a work plan that will support those goals,” Wetmore said.

City members will focus throughout next year and the year after to accomplish these goals.

The city of Marshalltown’s goal setting meeting is held once a year to establish broad goals, discuss a four to five year vision for the city, city priorities, challenges, opportunities and its short and long term goals.