Politics requires thick skin

So Mr. Schiebel quits the UAW because he didn’t like the words used by the local union president on the national shutdown in Washington D.C. Back in the 70s I was part of the leadership of local UAW 893. Back then, and maybe now, we had Democrats, Republicans and flip flops in leadership roles. We always respected each other’s opinions but we always agreed on what’s best for our members in the plant. But in so doing we always got feedback from both management and members on how they felt on issues in the plant. We all had to be thick skinned and then we would move on. Sometimes it got to be a joke that we couldn’t please management or our members on anything.

I’m now in a minority of our early morning local coffee group. Not a morning goes by without hearing something bad about what’s going on in Washington and the president that I may agree or disagree with them. I let them have their opinion and they let me have mine or at least I think they do. Just because I don’t always agree with them I’m not going to stop having coffee with them. Guess I must have thicker skin than Mr. Schiebel.