Someone needs to watch city purse strings

Now that voters have elected a mayor and a few council members, I would hope the newly elected perform due diligence when it comes to spending.

They should investigate instead giving automatic approval, which would appear to be a past practice.

Someone needs to watch the purse strings.

Earlier this year a very large street improvement project was brought before the council for approval. Because of the large amount of money involved I went to the streets and alleys department to investigate.

While there I asked if any of the city council members had been there asking about the project. I was told only two had been there.

After driving and walking the South Third Avenue concrete replacement area it appeared to me that four or five full depth patches would have corrected the problem areas for less than 5 percent of the cost of total replacement.

I must have missed the proposal to spread a thin coat of gravel on top of the asphalt streets on Hill Top Drive, Valley View Road, and a short stretch of private driveway off of Highland Acres Road.

I don’t know who had this idea but I suspect that they didn’t include the sticky tar base first step.

Let me see if I can very simply explain the fallacy in the idea. In Iowa it snows. The city has big trucks with blades on the front to push the snow off the street. When they push the snow off the street they will also push the gravel off wasting thousands of dollars of tax money.