Create quality time, simple greeting

Have you felt the lightness of the moment when everything is organized in life? I am a person with a long checklist of things to do and ongoing quest to clear my list. However, most of the time there are number of unchecked items as new items get added at the same pace as old ones closing. But then comes a moment, short lived yet blissful when all the things, spaces and relations in our lives are well organized. My favorite thing to do to enjoy the bliss of that short moment is have a cup of chai, listen to music, have a cookie and read a book until something else pops up.

It is so important to slow down every once a while and unclutter life. It is amazing how light it feels when we do not have any backlog in mind! With a new year approaching in less than a month now, try getting your checklist done. Organize your thoughts, spaces, life and make room for the change you want to see in yourself for the coming year.

Here is a simple and creative idea to spend quality time with the family and check that box in your to do list.

For this month’s project I have Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. You can make greetings, bookmarks, gift tags, gift bags and decorate a coffee cup sleeve using this idea.

What you will need

Finger paints

Wiggly eyes


Small pom poms


Dip your thumb in the paint and make an impression on the paper for reindeers face. Let dry. Stick wiggly eyes. Stick pom poms for nose using glue. Use red pom pom for Rudolph. Draw antlers using markers.

Wishing you all a very joyful and colorful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Shikha Pasrija has a passion for art. She has organized several successful art workshops which have been immensely popular both with kids and their families. Follow her blog or email her at