Refusing to be rescued

This month, we celebrate the birth of Christ, the son of God who came to “rescue us” from the mess we have made of our lives. Most of us wait all year long to celebrate Christmas but have you ever heard of someone in trouble, refusing to be rescued? On Oct. 1, in Montana, a huge storm hit and filled all the valleys and roads. At the end of a long lane lived a gnarly old man. It took a week to clear the road but on their arrival, he refused their help. All the old man knows is that, in this world, he may not need help but our life here is only temporary – it is just a stopping-off place – where we learn what life is all about. The old man doesn’t know it, but he does need help if he wants to live in fellowship with God. But like the old man, many folks refuse God’s help not knowing they are in spiritual trouble. Satan has lied to them and they would rather believe the earthly deceiver than the “heavenly rescuer” who cannot lie. Christmas is all about Jesus Christ – he alone, is the savior of all mankind and he alone, is the sole reason for Christmas.

Christ stepped out of the luxury of heaven bringing eternal life for those who believe. Our trust in the “eternal rescuer” is important. Some future day, God says that life will have another storm and it will come just as unexpectedly as the one in Montana. But this storm will have worldwide consequences – it is a storm that we cannot avoid. Human life has an ending, whether it is by natural death or by the returning of Jesus. To find God, we need the rescuer’s help and we must not refuse it. He is the only way to be rescued from this world. If humans could only understand that God’s love calls us to a better life in heaven then anything this earth can offer. The spiritual road each of us travels in life, is blocked by our sin and rejection.

Our prayer is that in this season of hope, promise and expectation, spiritual light would illumine the way to the cross. The perfect life, slain on that tree is the cost of “being rescued.” Have a blessed Christmas in the holy name of the savior.