Daily Record, Dec. 4, 2013

Local man arrested after head-butting girlfriend

A man who allegedly head-butted his girlfriend and slapped her during an argument has been arrested.

Jason A. Darter, 37, was arrested Monday after police were dispatched for a disturbance at the Sunset Village Mobile Home Park, 3202 S. 12th Street at 3:30 p.m.

According to police, once they arrived to the mobile home court, Darter was walking down the street and they recognized him as the suspect.

Once Darter saw officers, he took off running until an additional officer caught up to him. Through investigation, police learned Darter was arguing with his girlfriend he lived with about her moving out. The argument escalated to the alleged assault and Darter breaking a mirror.

His girlfriend had redness on her skin and Darter was sent to the hospital for cuts from the broken mirror.

Darter was treated and released from the hospital, then taken to jail and charged with serious domestic assault, a serious misdemeanor and interference with official acts, a simple misdemeanor.

Marshalltown Police Department


On Sunday, a vehicle driven by John Paul Pohle, 2014 Catalina Place, was eastbound on Highway 30 when it struck a deer that entered the roadway from the south. No injuries were reported. Damage to the Pohle vehicle was estimated at $3,000.

On Friday, a car driven by David John Hughes, 2622 S. Eighth St., was eastbound on Southridge Road when it stopped at the intersection with South Sixth Street and then proceeded forward colliding with a vehicle driven by Richard Arnold Charlton, of Liscomb, which was traveling south on Sixth Street. No injuries were reported. Hughes was cited for failure to obey a stop sign. Damage to the Hughes car was estimated at $5,000 while the Charlton vehicle received an estimated $4,000 in damage.

On Thursday, Nov. 28, a minivan driven by David Charles Huff, 2008 Edgebrook Drive, was exiting his driveway when to avoid contact with an oncoming vehicle on the opposite side of the road it cut sharply and struck a legally parked vehicle. No injuries were reported. Damage to the Huff minivan was estimated at $2,000 while the legally parked vehicle received an estimated $3,000 in damage.

On Wednesday, a car driven by Amanda Lynn Warnell-Sanford, 613 W. Linn St., was southbound on South Center Street nearing the intersection with Ferner Street when it collided with the rear of a minivan driven by Norida Lopez-De-Barrera, 112 N. 13th St. Apt. #2, causing it to collide with the rear of a car driven by Linda Sue Easton, of State Center, which was stopped waiting for traffic to clear to turn left onto East Ferner Street. Warnell-Sanford, Lopez-De-Barrera and passengers Amya Sanford and Clinton Sanford, 613 W. Linn St., were all transported to Marshalltown Medical & Surgical Center with possible injuries. Warnell-Sanford was cited for failure to stop within an assured, clear distance and no insurance. Damage to the Warnell-Sanford car was estimated at $7,500 while the Lopez-De-Barrera minivan received an estimated $1,500 in damage and the Easton car an estimated $1,000 in damage.

Marshall County Courthouse


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