Vandals sour spirited holiday display

Craig and Jody Lorence of Marshalltown have always received positive feedback on their Christmas display at their 1208 W. Linn St. home.

This year, the positive comments will be far fewer as vandals destroyed several items that were on display.

Last Saturday night, vandals cut holes in an inflatable Santa Claus and cut up strands of lights that were decorating the front lawn of the home.

The Lorences said money is tight and they were frugal about finding some quality decorations at a low price. They were devastated to see their display get severely damaged.

“I just couldn’t think why anybody would do that,” Craig Lorence said.

Craig puts in hours of work on their display each year.

“We have people that would drive by just to see it,” Jody Lorence said.

The Lorences moved to Marshalltown last year after a business Craig had in lawn care and snow removal went under in Waterloo. They don’t feel this act is indicative of people in Marshalltown as overall they’ve met nice people.

“It’s just so stupid to do stuff like that,” Jody Lorence said. “I don’t see the fun in it. Everybody has told us that it was horrible to do something like that.”

For years Craig was not into the holiday spirit as he grew up in an abusive home that didn’t celebrate Christmas. In recent years, he has been changed and really enjoyed putting up the display.

“I try to put up a pretty nice display every year,” he said.

The couple still has a modest display in their front yard but they don’t plan to replace the damaged items this year.

“We can’t afford to replace it all,” Jody Lorence said.