New hospital is vital to Marshalltown’s future

Wednesday evening I attended the town meeting sponsored by the Marshalltown Medical & Surgical Center. I was open to hearing what was presented; however, I was concerned that the decision to build a new hospital on the south side of town had been made without community input and because the hospital is such an important part of our community.

John Hughes gave a succinct, straight forward presentation that answered my questions as well as enlightened me of not only why a new hospital is necessary for delivery of present day health care, but also why it is cost effective to build a new hospital on the south side, as was so aptly pointed out by one of the audience. Several years of exploring building in the present location has taken place so this decision was not arrived at hastily. Due diligence has been done. It is a known fact that there are many people choosing to work but not to live in Marshalltown and commute to their jobs here. Three of the five providers where I work commute to Marshalltown, one coming as far away as Waverly. As I listened I thought of the other great happenings occurring in Marshalltown, i.e. the remodeling and upgrading of the Roundhouse, the new bike/pedestrian trail from Marshalltown to Steamboat Rock, the advanced curriculums being offered at the high school and now a new hospital all of which are more reasons that are making Marshalltown an attractive, desirable place to live and raise a family. Having a new hospital along with all the other happenings are good recruitment tools. A new hospital is a necessary component for the viable future of our community.