Bangor facility to rebuild after explosion

BANGOR – As far as a list of commercial properties in Bangor – it begins and ends with the Crop Production Services facility.

After a Sept. 21 explosion severely damaged the facility, residents wondered if the facility would move out of the small, unincorporated northwestern Marshall County town.

Rusty Hibbs, manager of the facility, said they are building back up at the location. Concrete work has been in place for the new warehouse and a new office building will be located across the street on Prairie Street. The Marshall County Board of Supervisors recently approved a zoning ordinance that will allow the office to be built.

“We’re coming back,” Hibbs said.

The explosion occurred at 5 a.m. on a Saturday morning and was deemed a result of gas leak and not chemical-related, Hibbs said. Fortunately, nobody was in the facility at the time as Hibbs was due to be back in the office at 6:30 a.m. that day.

“It was pretty unbelievable when you get that phone call at 5 in the morning,” Hibbs said. “Nobody was hurt and that’s the main thing.”

Hibbs said the reason why there was a gas leak is undetermined. He said the neighbors in the area have been great and one even let him use office space for his work.

“The neighbors have all been very supportive,” Hibbs said.

The warehouse is expected to be complete by Feb. 1 and the office building is slated for construction after the ground freezes in the spring.

Crop Production Services is an agronomy retailer and the reason many go to Bangor.

“We’re kind of the main thing in town here,” Hibbs said.