Public art concepts revealed Monday

Three art concepts for the green space on 13th Street will be revealed at eight locations throughout Marshalltown starting Monday.

The Marshalltown Public Art Committee (M-PAC) compiled a display with the art concepts and a comment box for the public to share suggestions on the art they would like to see.

“We are really excited to show them the art and get the comments from them that will help make that decision,” said Heidi Pierson, M-PAC Committee Member.

After reading the public comments, the selection jury, made up of three members from M-PAC, three members from the 13th Street District Committee and one city member, will choose one of the concepts and vote in the following weeks.

“Public art is for the public so we need their input,” said Shannon Espenscheid, M-PAC Committee member.

The displays will be located at Marshall Town Center, the Marshalltown Public Library, Morning Glory Bakery, the Iowa Veterans Home, The Embers, Franklin Elementary, Marshalltown Community College Student Union and Marshalltown High School.

In addition to the displays, members of the selection jury will present the concepts and answer any questions from 5-7 p.m. Tuesday at the Marshalltown Public Library.

“We are really hoping that people will come out and provide us with some feedback,” said John Hermanson, M-PAC committee member. “It will be valuable for us when we consider which one to go with.”

Since May, M-PAC and the 13th Street District Committee have been working with Tom Stancliffe, University of Northern Iowa Professor of Art, to narrow down three concepts from 15.

The artists are not from Marshalltown, however Pierson said they researched the community.

“There is one concept that really talks about the history of the 13th Street District and truly ties that in,” Pierson said. “The other two are more abstract.”

This is the first public art project for M-PAC.

“Our large goal is improving the quality of life in the community, I think it’s giving a sense of place,” Pierson said. “It’s M-PAC’s goal really to incorporate public art throughout the community so that art is accessible in public spaces.”

M-PAC is a division of the cultural alliance and is a nonprofit organization. The art will be paid for from fundraising through grant writing.