Law enforcement warns of credit card scam around the state

The Marshalltown Police Department warns people to be wary of credit card scams by phone sweeping across the state.

Mike Tupper, Marshalltown Police Chief, said a popular scam has been going around across the state for a few weeks coming from an unsolicited number.

As soon as the person who answers the unsolicited call, a recording will play notifying the person that someone from their credit card is calling and offering an unbelievable deal to lower interest rates.

“You’re suppose to push one if you’re interested in receiving that great offer,” Tupper said. “If you actually push one you get to talk to a live person and they’ll slowly talk you out of giving personal information so they can obtain your credit card number and the next thing you know it’s been drained.”

Tupper said he is not aware of anyone in Marshalltown who received the call, but said it’s something to be aware of.

“When you receive these unsolicited calls just hang up,” Tupper said. “Don’t engage in conversation, it’s just a waste of your time and you’re not going to accomplish anything by talking to them.”

Tupper said legitimate banks and companies would never call unsolicited and ask for personal information over the phone.

“Unless you’re 100 percent sure you’re talking to someone at your bank or credit card company do no give out personal information,” Tupper said.

If someone thinks they may have been scammed Tupper said to call the police department at 641-754-5729.