Brief taste of snow

Oh to be young and be in the snow. I was joined outside Sunday afternoon by our 5-year-old and 23-month-old for our first taste of snow fun of the season.

The one thing I noticed with the littler one is he was having a tough time figuring out how to get up in the snow. It’s a little slicker than normal ground which had him practically doing the splits and nearly falling on his face when he wanted to stand up from the ground.

He spent several minutes with a small shovel scooping up the snow and looking closely at it. It was as if he was examining a lab experiment as he wanted to investigate what this peculiar white stuff was.

The snow was not wet enough for snowballs or snowmen, plus we only had about 10 minutes in it, so we didn’t have many creations from this storm.

It didn’t take the 5-year-old long to make her first snow angel of the season. Excuse me, she called it a “snow princess” after flailing her arms on the ground and popping up to look at her creation.

Isn’t everything about princesses at that age?

One of the cutest things was before we went outside – seeing the 23-month-old in a snow suit. It was the first time he put it on and he was strutting around the house enjoying this new covered up feeling. The only thing exposed was his chunky cheeks, which got a little rosy after being outside for a few minutes.

No doubt this is just a brief taste of some winter fun ahead of us. I guess it’s no use pouting about the snow and at least try to have some fun in it – both young and old.

Later on in the day as more snow fell the 23-month-old looked out the window then looked at me and asked, “Play?”

I had to tell him no then, but he didn’t seem to mind.

If Iowa winters have taught us anything I’m sure we’ll have plenty of more chances for snow fun in the future.

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