MCT breaks out its ‘Shorts in December’

With the next slated full production not until February, the Marshalltown Community Theatre has added a new short production titled “Shorts in December” for this weekend.

The production features two one-act plays, “The Story-Teller” by H.H. Munro and “The Bald Soprano,” by Eugene Lonesco.

They are directed by MCT veterans Pete Grady and Kate Harris. Harris said these shows are designed to provide a holiday chuckle for visitors.

“We felt it was a good way to still have a production in between the season shows,” Harris said. “It’s a good way to have fun in the middle of the holiday bustle.”

Harris said six out of the 10 cast members for “Shorts” are new to the MCT stage.

“It’s been really great,” Harris said of the rehearsals. “With a cast of 60 percent new actors it’s incredibly impressive how they’ve meshed together.”

Grady also feels the rehearsals are going well and expects a good show.

“I’m so excited,” Grady said. “The people that come out are really going to get a kick out of this.”

‘The Story-Teller’

This play focuses on two small children misbehaving on a train. A man approaches them and tells a story to keep them occupied with an ending to the story not typically meant for children. Ben Crawford plays the storyteller to the lead the cast during the play.

‘The Bald Soprano’

This play takes a lighthearted approach to how we converse.

“It kind of makes fun at how we converse day to day and how it doesn’t mean anything,” Harris said. “It’s how we are not listening to each other.”

“Shorts” will run at 7:30 p.m. both Friday and Saturday and a 2 p.m. show Sunday, all at the Martha Ellen Tye Playhouse. Tickets will be available at the door one hour prior to the show and are $10 for adults and $5 for students.

The first play is expected to last 20 minutes with the second play lasting 40 minutes, Harris said.

For more information on the show, call 641-752-4164.