Democratic leader: Women’s issues key for 2014 election

The vice chair of the Iowa Democratic Party made a stop in Marshalltown Thursday on a media tour across the state.

Heather Matson said she is focusing on bringing women’s issues to the forefront for the 2014 election cycle. Matson said things such as equal pay for women and women’s health topics are important to her and to her party.

“Having a level playing field – that’s something the Democratic Party has always stood for,” Matson said.

Matson is spreading this message as they gear up for some key elections – including the U.S. Senate and Congress races in Iowa.

Matson said she took offense to a recent comment by Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mark Jacobs saying women need to be communicated with on an emotional level.

“I think it’s enforcing a negative stereotype about women,” Matson said.

The Democrats also have their eye on the governor’s seat and Matson feels Gov. Terry Branstad could have a tough time getting re-elected.

“I think he’s more vulnerable than he thinks,” Matson said.

Like many involved in state politics, Matson feels the 2014 legislative session in Iowa will be shorter than in the past.

“There is a desire to get the budget done and stay on track,” Matson said.

She said one of the reasons she feels it will be a short session is the fact legislators want to hit the campaign trail for the 2014 election.