Salvation Army is collecting toys, coats

A big, bright, yellow Salvation Army truck will be sitting in the parking lot of Walmart every day until Christmas collecting toys, coats and children’s toys until it’s filled.

The toys will be collected from a cart with a sign that says ‘fill-a-truck’ that sits in the main entrance of Walmart. People can purchase something from the store, put it in the cart, then it will help fill up the truck.

“They bring the cart around four or five some nights to pick up these little toys, coats or anything,” said Carolin Stansberry, a Salvation Army bell ringer. “Then they take it to the Salvation Army and they got a whole list of a whole lot of kids that need stuff so that they can have Christmas.”

The Salvation Army will give the donated toys to local children. Hats and gloves are also accepted donations.