Feel good

I have found myself feeling bad lately because my health care premiums have gone up by 47 percent.

Then I feel good because I have not made any changes in the last few years; so I at least have a policy.

Democrats tell me I should feel good because Obamacare is free and fair.

Republicans tell me I should feel bad because I was lied to.

There is, however, one thing we all agree on – Congress should not be exempt. They should live with the laws that they pass.

Here’s the problem: not one Republican voted for it.

So here is my solution so we can all feel good: All Democrats would automatically be enrolled in Obamacare (including all Democrat government employees, including school teachers); all Republicans would be exempt from Obamacare and would be free to buy a health savings account; all Republicans would feel good because they are participating in the free market; all Democrats would feel good because they – like Congress would be living with the consequences of their votes.