Hospital questions left unanswered

Unfortunately I missed the town meeting on Dec. 4, but I did watch it on KDAO.

It seems to me John Hughes really didn’t answer questions that were asked. He looked very uncomfortable when people asked questions in which he either could not answer or didn’t want to answer.

I do agree with Larry McKibben that the updates could be made at the hospital on site because they had done this before when I used to work there.

But I still think they are wanting to do this so they can file for bankruptcy and hope someone buys them out.

Also, building the hospital out by the college makes it hard for people to simply walk there, as they can now, to seek care. If people need care and need to have transportation then they might as well take the transportation to Ames because Ames has just as good care if not better care there.

One thing I don’t understand is where the money is coming from. This is one of the questions Hughes doesn’t directly answer.

Third, by looking on the chart he had in the presentation it looks like where the hospital is now is easy to get to for people that live north of town and also about the same for people east and west because it’s located on Highway 14. By moving it out to south Highway 14 and 30, yes it would make it easy for people that live south of town but the people north of town, like those in Conrad, might look at different places to seek care.

He did say the new hospital will have better parking, but here again Mary Greeley in Ames has parking ramps and people at the door who will park your vehicle and go pick it up for you, which the hospital here could do as well but it hasn’t. Mary Greeley makes you feel welcome there by offering this service and it may be one of the reasons why some like to go there.