Agency services will be impacted by United Way shortfall

As the year draws to a close we at the Marshalltown Area United Way have much to be thankful for. Through hard work and the generosity of many people, the United Way has reached $739,236 or 96 percent of our goal of $770,000. We still need a little more than $30,000 to reach the goal. Unfortunately, in these economic times, we may fall short of reaching our goal. Agency services will be impacted, but it is not too late to help!

Each year, volunteers and staff of the United Way try to educate the public on the importance of supporting the drive because of the 24 agencies (30 programs) and the thousands of Marshall County residents that receive assistant through those services. These agencies provide services we many times take for granted, unless, of course, we end up knowing someone who received or needs a service. Most of us know someone, a friend or family member who has benefited from a United Way funded program.

Donations could help a child receive grief counseling. They could help someone who needs food, rent or utilities assistance. Individuals can also help personally by acting as a “big brother/sister” or friend to the youth from a single-parent family. Maybe you could help? The challenge, to the people of this community, is to step forward and help, each other, locally. Your money stays in Marshall County.

Please help us reach our goal in providing services to our neighbors. If you already given thank you. If you thought your gift won’t make a difference, I assure it will. You may send your donations to the address below. Thank you for showing you care by supporting our local efforts.

On Jan. 6 we will begin the process of allocating the dollars raised to our agencies, please help us, help them to continue providing services to people in our county who are struggling.