JBS donates for new fairground swine pens

JBS has donated $5,000 to help upgrade the swine pens at the Central Iowa Fairgrounds.

Since they are in the pig business, Mike McQuade, of JBS, said this was a good fit for them to help out the 4-H programs in the county.

“They are looking to revitalize some of the animal shows and the expositions and upgrade the facility with new pens,” McQuade said. “They pretty much didn’t have any other avenues to get funding. We felt it would be a good idea for JBS to participate.”

Caleb Carver, youth extension coordinator for 4-H in Marshall County, said the upgrade in pens is definitely needed.

“The pens that we currently use are chain-link pens and they create some sort of danger to the youth and the animals,” Carver said. “The old chain-link pens have not been replaced in at least 40 years.”

Carver said the interest in showing animals through 4-H at the Central Iowa Fair continues to grow among youth. New pens will also get used during other times aside from just the fair in July.

“The new pens will allow us to do more programing in the swine department,” Carver said.

Carver said they are still looking for donations to upgrade the sheep and goat pens at the fairgrounds.

Those interested in donating can call Carver at the extension office at 641-752-1551.