Meet the Christmas Carols of Le Grand

LE GRAND – Yell “Carol!” somewhere in the town of Le Grand and chances are you will get an answer.

The town of 1,000 people has at least seven women named Carol.

“I bet there isn’t that many towns our size with that many,” said Carol-Plum Freese, one of the town’s Carols.

Six of the seven known to exist in Le Grand got together for a fun photo of the group recently, where they pretended to sing Christmas carols. They included Carol Stewart, Carol Newby, Carol Devlin, Carol Hoover, Carol Eddy and, the organizer, Carol Plum Freese.

“This idea just popped into my head because of Christmas carols,” Plum-Freese said. “The others seemed to like the idea.”

One other town Carol – Carole Baker – did not make the photo.

Plum-Freese sent a letter to each of the Carols and had a good response for the meeting and photo opportunity.

“I had fun,” Plum-Freese said. “I thought it was a hoot.”