Kids have a Christmas ‘present radar’

Isn’t it funny how a kid can spot a wrapped present like they have radar?

I’m noticing this trend more and more and it really is an interesting trait of the younger sect.

We took some presents to family we wouldn’t see over Christmas during a Thanksgiving celebration last month.

My nephew – as if he was part bloodhound- sniffed out the presents that were two rooms away.

“Who are those presents for?” he asked.

We had set them down just for a few minutes before he asked the question. He was able to locate them in the midst of all of the food that was brought in for the feast.

I’m noticing this same trend in my own home.

Last week, I got a present in a gift bag from a co-worker. I brought it home and the gift bag wasn’t on the counter for more than a few minutes before our 5-year-old gave me the third degree.

“What’s in the bag?” she said.

I didn’t even think she saw the bag – there’s that “kid present radar” thing happening again.

Most of the time there are three main questions kids ask when that radar kicks in.

1. Who are the presents for?

2. What’s inside of the presents?

3. If they are for me, when can I open them?

I think back to when I was a kid. Yes, we did our share of snooping around our parents’ bedroom around the holiday season.

I guess my brothers and I too were using our “kid present radar” at that point. With three of us we can have two of us on lookout in the hallway to see if Mom was coming and one of us rifling through the closets.

I can remember getting excited a few times by finding things – then we pretended that we didn’t see them earlier when Christmas morning came.

Well, we are just hours away from Christmas, so the snooping can be done and the presents can be torn open.

Have a great holiday everyone and a Happy New Year as well.

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