Decisions on East Marshall facilities plan expected in spring

A decision on the long-range facilities plan for the East Marshall School District could be made by the school board by May, said Superintendent Dianne Anderson.

The board met last week to talk more about the possibility of making a central campus in Le Grand or eliminating one of its three sites.

“It would be more efficient to be at one location than at three different locations,” Anderson said.

The board mainly wanted to address the most popular questions from the community meeting held in October.

Anderson said it’s too early to share to get into too many details on the future, since they don’t know what the district will look like in 15 to 20 years.

“Because it’s so far off, you can’t predict a lot of these things,” Anderson said.

If new facilities are built a rise in taxes will most likely be needed.

“We may need to raise taxes, but we cannot predict what’s going to happen,” Anderson said. “It would take a bond issue to raise taxes and every taxpayer would have a voice with their vote.”

The board is planning to host community meetings in towns where it currently has schools – Le Grand, Laurel and Gilman – to get more feedback on the ideas for the future.

“We’ll share as much as we can about the long-range options,” Anderson said.

Anderson said she understands the concerns of the communities involved.

“We realize when you talk about closing a school nobody ever likes to see that happen,” she said.

Anderson said this process will continue over the next several months before the board makes a decision on the future.

“We’ll just keep assessing and reevaluating,” Anderson said.