Continued upgrades sought for Marshalltown skate park

A group of individuals are interested in submitting a grant to add enhancements to the skate park.

Terry Gray, Parks and Recreation director, asked city council members Monday for their approval to submit a grant to the Community Foundation of Marshall County. The grant would not exceed $10,000.

“They want to do a little bit of revision on what the enhancements would be,” Gray said. “Our initial plan has places for additional equipment and they just want to revisit that.”

The construction of the skate park began in July 2010, with the placement of two temporary ramps on asphalt. Two years later, through donations and fundraising the park grew.

Gray said the Community Foundation of Marshall County granted Parks and Recreation $15,000 for the skate park project. In 2012, the Martha Ellen Tye Foundation gave $20,000 for the permanent placement of the two ramps and other features.

Council will vote on giving their approval to Parks and Recreation to submit the grant at its next meeting Jan. 13.

The deadline for the Community Foundation of Marshall County grant is Jan. 15.