Bible supports Phil Robinson’s comments

In the United States we have freedom of speech as stated in the 1st Amendment even if what I say irritates you. Right?

In the United States we have the Constitution as our source of authority. In the military we have the Uniform Code of Military Justice as the source of authority. In the Christian community we have the Old and New Testament as the source of authority. Phil Robinson, of Duck Dynasty, is on trial by the liberal news media and gay and lesbian organizations for what he said in an interview.

If you accept the Bible, Old and New Testament, as a guide for conduct in your life, there are several sections to review. Refer to the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20:1-20. For an example, Genesis 19: 4 9, the prelude to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra, and Leviticus 18: 6-30 for moral conduct. The entire Bible has the Good News that Christ died and rose again for our sins – oh there is that terrible word “sin.”

If the news media and the gay and lesbian community do not accept the sources of authority I mentioned, where are their sources of authority and their guides for life and morals.

Oh, I’m sure they can justify their views in the Constitution by the numerous court decisions covering their civil rights and rites to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and the separation of church and state.

What is the liberal media, gay and lesbian organizations source for moral (good vs. evil) authority? What is their definition of sin? Phil Robinson (Duck Dynasty) stated his definition and rather than recognizing his right to state his opinion the A&E Network, liberal news media and the gay and lesbian organizations were offended by what he said.

One of the biggest differences between the liberal news media, gay and lesbian organizations and Christian organizations is that the first thing they can do is criticize, demean, retaliate and sue, where the Christians would pray for them to come to the knowledge of the truth and the free gift that Christ offers.

That’s my opinion!

The organizations I mentioned are certainly entitled to speak their opinions and in the 2014 elections you will be able to vote yours. Please vote! Remember, you get what you vote for.