Compensation board recommends 3 percent raise for elected officials

The Marshall County Compensation Board recommended salary raises of 3 percent for all county elected officials during a meeting Thursday.

Members of the board, which is made up of volunteers representing the elected officials, felt 3 percent was a modest raise considering Marshall County does not pay its officials at the same rate of counties of similar size in the state.

“We try to compare like counties and like jobs, private and public, as best as we can and make recommendations based on that,” said Tom McCoy, chair of the compensation board.

The raise recommendations include $2,591 for County Attorney Jennifer Miller, who currently earns $86,366 annually; $2,262 for County Sheriff Ted Kamatchus, who currently earns $75,397; $1,660 for County Auditor/Recorder Dawn Williams, who has a current salary of $55,337; $1,601 for County Treasurer Jarret Heil who earns $53,361; and $1,018 each for the three members of the board of supervisors, who are currently paid $33,927.

“I think it’s critical that we take care of good people,” McCoy said.

These recommendations will next move to the board of supervisors who can choose to accept, reject or reduce the raise recommendations of the compensation board.

Doug Beals, vice chair of the compensation board, said these increases are modest. In the past, the recommendations have been cut by the supervisors. Last year, the supervisors cut the recommended raises by 92 percent.

“I hope the supervisors, on this occasion, will listen to what we’re saying and what we recommend,” Beals said. “…I certainly feel (the raise) should be more.”

McCoy has also expressed frustration in the past about the cuts made to the recommendations by the supervisors as they try to catch Marshall County elected officials up to similar counties in pay.

“Our recommendations are unheeded,” McCoy said of the past. “They don’t seem to be recognized.”

Other members of the compensation board present Thursday night included Mark Braga, Gary McKibbin and Bill Patten. Tyson Finders was absent.